Monday, October 17, 2011

i "LOVED" the idea of motherhood

Hello Everyone,

sorry i've been MIA the last few days..we have had family over from Sydney and needed the whole weekend to catch up with them hehe.

This post is inspired from a fellow mother who "told the truth" about motherhood and put out a search to see if she was alone in her thoughts... to her suprised at least 60 people replied to her and explained to her she was not.

Watching a family member of mine seemlessly go from "career woman to motherhood" within a short period of time. I became little jelous, yep jelous. I thought that every woman must be able to do it this easy...

as they say
"like water off a ducks back".

From the outside said cousin could have all 3 kids dressed, breakfast served, house cleaned, and 2 of the 3 kids off to school. To the outside/me it seems so simple. But if you spent the day with them I am sure you would see the "ugly side" of parenting.

Falling pregnant myself I began to realise things where not as easy as they looked from 'outside of the motherhood bubble'. Of course being disabled I know it would be harder for me but still.. remember how I told you I suffered from HG while pregnant? Well that's when things started going south.

After having a premature baby who spends their first 2 months in hospital its enevidable one of the parents would go through some type of 'depression'. It hit me like a tonne of bricks. I felt so isolated, lonely, and undefined as a person when I had no contact with the outside world.

How can we be expected to "look our best" 24/7, society wants us to devote ourselves 100% to our family, never complaining, always seeking to look our best. Yeah sure maybe in a dream world.. but in reality. No way!! As im typing to you I am wearing an old t-shirt, track pants and a jumper. If you think thats bad you should see my loungeroom at the moment LOL, toys from one side to the other. Why is society so hard on us these day? expecting us to look/be perfect ALL the time.

Sorry guys.. never going to happen haha.

My Mantra:
A Happy Mum = Happy Kids

What does your world really look like?

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