Friday, July 13, 2012


continuing on from my last post....

So there I was sitting in the eating room for about 2 hrs, sleeping on and off. That's what my body does when i've hurt myself, it uses up the only energy I do have left to help the injured part.

I was finally called into the ER and they asked me to get on the bed so I could be examined. I said "sorry to be rude but there is no way in hell I am getting on that bed, as soon as I lay down and my leg is flat the pain is at it's worse". "Ok" they said "stay in the chair as long as you can" A doctor came in to find out my history (which is literally a medical book in itself) I told him what I had done, told him the medications I am allergic to and he walked off.

Another doctor walked in a while later and asked me to get onto the bed so he could examine my leg. I was hesitant but knew if I was to get an x-ray I had to get onto that bed. I informed this new doctor of what I had done, within 5 minutes an orderly came and took me to x-ray, I bought Steve with me incase they wanted me off the ER bed and onto one of theirs. Lucky for me I got to stay in the bed... thank god.

I had 3 pictures taken of me knee/leg. I had no idea what time it was by then but I was sleeping on and off, they came in gave me some pain killers and explained to me what I had done. Well because I was half asleep what I thought I heard them say was completely wrong and I was informing friends/family of the wrong info. They said I could leave as soon as a physcio therapist came to fit me with a brace. He arrived at 5pm. I have to wear my lovely brace for 4 weeks. As soon as he put it on the pain went away immediately... yay!!

Apparently I have torn my anterior crucial ligament (just like what footballers do). The doctor said that if I was able to walk I may have had to have a knee reconstruction. OMG!! As soon as I heard that I started hating myself, something so trivial, something I do everyday and I have really damaged my knee. I started getting depressed and knew I was unable to look after Hailee, I didn't want her to see me so sad. Luckily my mum was able to watch her for a few days so I could get my head sorted. I knew I needed to get on with things, I knew it would take me twice as long to get out of bed, to get dressed, to be able to do everyday things like laundry (lol). But I had to get on with life.

It's been just over 3 weeks now. I still have pain, again only when I am in bed, so I am on Pan- Forte. I feel as like the top of my leg is hanging on by a thread when I take my brace off during the day, it really isn't the nicest feeling at all!! Actually until the weekend just gone I hand't taken it off since they put it on me in the hospital.

Well that's my big new for this week (LOL) I am hoping to be back to normal in a week or 2. Let's wait and see huh... I shall keep you all updated on how I am feeling.

Night all. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Stay safe!
Amanda <3

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