Tuesday, July 3, 2012


It was a normal night in our household we had just finished dinner, Steve was drying Hailee off from her shower when I decided I wanted to get changed into something warmer. It was Wednesday night around 7pm [27th]. I was getting changed on my bed, rolled over on to my stomach and heard the loud POP!! I also felt this sharp pain radiate down my right leg. I instantly knew that I was in trouble. Hubby was in the ensuit and said he heard it too. I sat up in my chair went and watched t.v for the next three hours it never hurt. What? I can't understand why..what's going on (I thought I may have "popped" it back into place when I sat in my chair. BUT as soon as I crawled into bed and lay down I knew everything was WRONG!. I cried on and off. Had some panadol to try get some sleep and tried to convince Steve not to go to work because I needed to go to hospital straight away. Thursday morning I woke u, I couldn't get out of bed so luckily my Mum was here to pick miss Hailee up to take her to daycare(she does every week...thanks Mum). As soon as she left I rang Steve at work and begged him once again to come home. He came home 2 hours later. I was feeling ok in the car, until I got the the hospital when I just wanted to throw up like I had been doing the night before. You can read the rest on Thursday...hehe sorry guys it's late and I'm tired. Night!! Amanda <3

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