Wednesday, June 27, 2012

now & 2013!

Hello everyone! I know there are a few of you who have been patiently awaiting this blog..(and a few who have not Lol). well I not only have one announcement now but I have 2!!!!! No #1. We have two new members to our little family!(uploading a pic tomorrow)One is called Memo (as in Nemo) and the other is named Hill. Lol. strange right, well that's what happens when you let your 3.5 year old daughter name.... her pet fish(s)!!! haha you all thought I was going to say I was pregnant didn't you ;) (sorry to disappoint). Funnily enough there a few people around here who I know are pregnant (or just had a bub)..well I wont be drinking the water that for sure. Ok second piece of news in the Richter household... Hubby and I signed up for THE BLOCK 2013!!!! We just did it last night and obviously won't hear for a while but I just had to tell someone (all who read the blog anyway). I know what you are all thinking! She is out of her mind but if you really know me it has been something I always wanted to do. But never could because of my SB and also having no one willing/stupid enough to do it with me..haha well I've roped husband into sign up with me :D. I do have a few concerns of course(comes with the territory of being born with a Spina Bifida). For one I don't drive so that could be a problem, I cant lift any heavy objects and of course the more obvious being in the chair is/can be a safety hazard but I'm just hoping they will give me a chance!! I've never been able to do something like this for myself and I think it will be great for "others" to see someone with a disability on t.v doing something they love and proving "we" disabled people can get/do things "normal able bodied people" can do! I hate negative thinking now days so I'm ending on a positive ;). I want to do THE BLOCK 2013 because I love the idea of designing, demolishing & decorating! So I'd like you all to tell me what you think! Good Idea or Bad Idea? Amanda <3.


  1. Hi! Congrats on trying out for the Block! I LOOOOVE that show and i would love it even more if i got to watch you on it next year. Thats so exciting! Good luck! x

  2. Well done sweetie! I think it's a grand idea! So glad you're going for it. Can't wait to hear how you go. Xo

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