Friday, June 15, 2012

things are finally looking up!

I'm happy to report that things are finally looking up in regards to my left foot!. I was diagnosed with Lymphedemia back in 1999(?) when I had surgery on my spine to help my scoliosis, by inserting a rod and 6 screws. At first my face blew up and doctors said it was normal to have that much fluid after an huge operation like that. Aproximatly about 12 months after my operation when I finally could sit In my chair with out pain & my brace my mum noticed my legs starting to get bigger. The Lymphedemia had spread yao my legs. I could no longer wear shoes :(. At the birth of my daughter in 2008 a family member asked if I had an Epi, because my legs were HUGE!! I of course said no, not really realizing how big they had gotten I started to get preasure sores on mt leg (left prominently) I had never had pressure sores before, even when laying for 3 months after my spine surgery. Not until about 12 months ago was I concerened about the fluid in my legs. I had quite a huge hole in the soul of my foot, this not only is dangerous because well lets face it, our body's are not meant to have things like this BUT because it was/is on my left leg I can not feel it!! Only by my husband or community nurses checking my leg can they find such things. While in hospital in Nov(?) they talked to me about the possibility of my left leg being amputated! What are these people serious? I used to joke about it when I was younger because I was in my wheelchair full time was there a reason to have my legs?. I came to the conclusion that YES! I needed it!!! If I am sitting on something (like the floor or couch) I need it to balance me. If my leg was to be amputated just below the knee I would always fall over (hehe yeah I'm laughing too). Not only that but having an amputated limb you run this risk of infection. I didn't want to go through that! So I decided to finally let the severity of the situation get to me, I pulled my finger out and actually started to care. It's funny how things like the possibility of loosing a limb can get your butt into gear. It's been over 12 months now since I first got the sore, I have been seeing (3 times in the last 5 months) the wound clinic at one of our local hospitals. What they have been doing has really helped! I'm not 100% sure on the dimensions of the hole (I don't ask or want to see a's gross!) but I think it was about the size of a Madeleine (or even orange) now its about the size of a 10c piece...YAY!!! I can finally wear stocking to help with the fluid. Oh!! I forgot to mention once you have lymphedemia you live it for the rest of your life. There is no cure. You can massage, bandage, or use stockings and that's it! I have been having a 3 layer bandage put on my leg 3 times a week for aprox 3 moths. You should see the's amazing!!! (one day I will share the pics) Anyway I had my 3rd appointment at the clinic. They were very impressed with my results so far... but the discovered a problem :( (AWW! It was quite the word I used but I'm sure you can imagine). When they were looking at my ties she noticedmy big toe was a little red and there was a small amount of fluid coming out. Doctor wanted mr to goon antibiotics but I'm allergic to 99.99% of them so it means I can't go on any so we just have to clean it everyday and put cream on it. Why oh why does this happen to me??! Things finally start looking like they are getting better and something has to go wrong :( I'm pretty sick of it now!. Well that's my "news" for now! Something exciting is happening to our little family next week that I will be VERY happy to until next time. have fun, find joy the little things and celebrate them!! Amanda <3

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  1. Love you girl! You are so strong. I'm so proud of you!