Friday, May 11, 2012


Hello Everyone, The night before last Hubby and I got to see Riverdance The farewell Tour! It was absolutely amazing (to say the least). We both had to pick our jaws up off of the floor. I highly recommend you all go see it!!. Even for those who are not that into stuff like will blow your socks of! The cast are incredible as well as the musicians!. Lol I do realize I am using a lot of (!) in this post but I tell you it's NEEDED!!. I had sen the ad on tv for a few weeks now and said to Steve that I would like to go as a mothers day gift i was really saying it as a joke because at the time I knew we couldn't afford tickets. BUT to my surprise he had entered a radio competition..and one! so we got free tickets!!! The only downside was it was a week night and he had to start a 5am..poor thing is so exported still (show went for 2.5hrs). I wish they would let you tape some of it because I really wanted to show you all just how AMAZING they were. Instead I will (try) to put some photos up (from our friend google) haha let's see if blogger will let me tonight... It's been playing up for me for the past two weeks :( Night all!!!! Amanda <3

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