Thursday, May 3, 2012

it's a crazy small world!

Hello everyone, Hope you've had a great week & if it's raining where you are like here in Tas.. I hope you are all staying dry!! Today's post is about all the little things that can bring two(2) families together. Steve & I met over the Internet about 7.5 years ago [as we speak we are having a "discussion" about the exact time/year -neither of us can remember] at that time little did we know how much our families had/have in common. Steve's birthday is 12.11, Brodie's birthday is 21.11, Hailee's birthday is 2.11, see where I'm going here? Lol. It's not just birthdays. it's anniversaries, lucky numbers, and so much more!! Another thing we have in common that you may remember me blogging about last time was my (future) sister in-laws's name is Amanda Jade. Just like mine!. The "similar names" don't just stop there either! ha, I can hear you all laughing My grand mother (on Dad's side) was born Joan Margeret [though was known as Marg Joan], well My mother in-laws grandmother, was also named Joan Margeret Lol. Have any of you guys watched the movie V for Vandetta?! Do you remember the line "remember, remember the 5th of November!" ? Well I say that to Steve about the anniversary of our first date. It was the 3rd of Nov. so I say "remember, remember the 3rd of November." lol. Which is also a coincidence because our little princess, Hailee was born on the 2nd Nov... haha!! I may have blogged about this (but can't remember) while in labor the nurse asked me when our anniversary was, I said 3rd of Nov. She smiled and laughted & said... "That's tomorrow!!" (I had no idea).

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