Sunday, April 29, 2012

No one calling me Aunty.. :(

To think I may never be an Aunty upsets me. My brother in-law Craig and his brother (Mark) fiancé, Mandy (yes her names is Amanda too..more about that later) were at dinner at my mother in-law and father in-laws house last Saturday while we were visiting (which I will blog about on Tuesday). As we watched Hailee the subject of kids came up. Both of them at exactly the same time said and I quote "I'm never having kids". You could hear my heart shatter into a million pieces from miles away lol. This may sound really strange but ihad to close my eyes for a few seconds to stop myself from crying. I can't believe it!!. All my life I never thought I would be able to have kids but i always wanted to be an Aunty!. So I used to think it was all up to my little brother Brodie to make me one. Yes you may remember me briefly mentioning I have a younger brother..(maybe- goes back to see if I did indeed mention him hehe) Well he's never having kids either apparently, (yes he is only 21 but sut I believe him) Wow even typing this is making me teary We joke to family that Hailee will be an only grand child. Well after talking about it she just might be insert sad face here because she will likely grow up an only child which is another thing that gets me upset. Poor Hailee. I loved/love having so many cousins to talk/play with. Some have helped me a lot! (I have 16 all together). Haha se what I mean... she will be lucky enough if she has two second cousin's. It's weird thinking about it, it's almost like my husbands life all over again (he never had any cousin's either. He only had his older brother Craig and younger brother Mark to play with. MANDY: I thought the family was pulling my leg especially when I found out Mandy's middle name is Jade...just like mine! weird huh?. Yeah well it's going to be so much fun when Mandy and Mark get married, especially if she takes his last name...NOT! two Amanda Jade Richter in the family, haha I think this world can only handle one ever thousand years ;). Unfortunately this isn't the last of the wildly scary similarities between my family and Steve's. I shall blog about that another time...hehe. side note Craig is 36. Mark is 30, Mandy is 29.. Steve still believes the is hope for us to be an Aunty and Uncle some day soon. Lol Talk with you all during the week! Amanda <3

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