Friday, August 24, 2012

over night hospital visit.

Hello Everyone,

This time it's not for me, I bet your thinking due my last post that it would have to be Hailee in well guess again!

Yep that's right it was for....the husband!. He has been fine ALL day up until 9pm when he first complained of back pain, he went to bed and within 15 minutes came back out to the lounge. He was fully dressed and was clutching his left side. He asked me to ring my mum to come and get Hailee as he needed to go to hospital because he thought he may have appendicitis (your appendices is on the right so I knew it wouldn't be that) he was white as a ghost and started throwing up.

I rang my mum. She told me she was coming and that my Uncle would drive Steve to the hospital. I packed Hailee a bag and waited for them. She came in and said he should have got an ambulance but he didn't want one plus I wanted to go with him and I knew they wouldn't help me in. My Uncle pulled up outside the house, Steve got in and he speed away. I was SO pissed!! I hated seeing him in so much pain and I knew if I stayed home I wouldn't have got any sleep. So mum decided to drive me up to hospital. She couldn't really find a good park so she she parked in the ambo section. I nearly died haha, I'm surprised she didn't get a fine.

I "ran" inside. No one is in the waiting room which is a good sign. Meaning he didn't have to sit there long and was already in a cubical and most likely seen by a doctor... thank god!. I waited outside for a few minutes then a nurse finally let me in. I pretty much ran to Steve's side. My Uncle who was still with him said, "looks like a kidney stone". I saw he was hooked up to morphine, the pain was so bad, I just could see it in his eyes... I wish I could have taken it away.

The nurse asked me a few questions and I mentioned my urologist's name and said that they needed someone to call him and only him (thank good ness he was on rotation) The nurse gave him something else to help with the pain because the morphine just wasn't cutting it (sad face). Pretty much as that hit his veins he was out like a light! coming to it every so often.

My Uncle is still with us (it's now 1am) I told him to go home as I knew he had to work early the next morning. I said if we were sent home we would be ok to find our own way. 10 minutes later the pain started again, doctor came in and said he would be having a CT in the morning. So we weren't going anywhere!!. my Uncle left (with hesitation).

Steve was just moved to a bigger room for the night, which luckily had a bigger/softer more comfy bed (it's now 2.05am). He can now get the rest he needs! As for me I am tired so I shall close my eyes for a little while.

I opened my eyes and looked at my phone, it was 3.30am. Steve hadn't complained about the pain until he woke just after me.

Strange to say but time seems to go so quick when you're in hospital. I think/say that every time I'm a patient but honestly even being a loved one of said patient time goes quick! Hmm I wonder why that is?.

It's now 6.30am both of us have had a rough night. Yes I spent the night in ER with him, sleeping every hour for aprox 20-30 minutes in my wheelchair (it was pretty comfy). The night nurse came in to check on us and said to me that she had ordered me breakfast... that's so nice of her! Poor Steve can't have any though. He says he isn't hungry at the moment but is thirsty, so I had been giving him ice all night. We are hoping to be on top of the list for the CT scan this morning, well it didn't pan out that way!.

Fast forward a few days.....

It's now Friday and he has only been home for a just over 24 hours. The doctor was hoping that Steve could "pass" the stone on his own but decided that due to him not getting any better he would be operated on the next morning! BEST NEWS I'VE HEARD ALL WEEK!!! I got a phone call from the urologist at 5.30pm Wednesday night to say he had just come out of surgery.

Both Hailee and I are SO glad to have him home, he is still not 100% but defiantly on the mend.

Night all <3

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