Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fathers Day 2012.

Hello Everyone,

I have a few pictures I wanted to share with you from last weekend. I hope all the Australian dad's out there got spoilt just as much as mine and my husband did!

Giving daddy his present:

Pancakes with jam have been a little family tradition we do on fathers Day.. this year was extra special because Daddy taught Hailee how to make them!! [even if they do come from the bottle.. hehe ;)].

Then we played outside for a few hours.. it was such a gorgeous day:

Hailee all dressed up for an afternoon at my parents house:

My outfit/hair:

unfortunately I didn't get any pictures at my parents!!

What did you guys get up to? I would love to hear your traditions whether they be new or have been done for generations. Have a good week guys!
Amanda <3

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