Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hello Everyone,
I want to ask you all a question!

R U OK?.....

Today [13th Sept 2012] is R U OK DAY!! R U OK DAY is a national day of action. It's all about inspiring people to ask each other ‘Are you ok?'. Not just today but everyday!! You never know what people are really feeling without ring you mother,father, partner, best friend and ask them R U OK?. Even if they are you may feel you are the one who isn't,. Ring your doctor/family member/friends they will listen & help.


You never know you could be saving someone's life! Depression is a sielent killer.. we need to speak up about it!!

My personal experience is still [even after 4 yrs] hard to talk about!

I actually diagnosed myself with it. It all started after the birth of Hailee. Having a baby born so early & staying in NICU for the first 2.5 months of her life is one of the hardest things I had to go through!! I asked hubby to ring my doctor and book an appintment to see him. I told him the first 2 days my baby came home from hospital I spent them in bed crying my eyes out! I did not want to even cuddlier her let alone feed her. 3.5yrs down the track I still have some bad days!!! Living my life honestly you have way more bad then good unfortunately. But I'm dealing and I am glad I didn't take my life because I would miss out on all the wonderful/hard things that come with being a mummy & wife!

I also remember as a teenager [around 16yrs old] I used to tell my Nan "I want to run under a bus!!". I had no real friends, never had a boyfriend & felt so lonely. I never imagined I would have a boyfriend, get married or even have a family! I am so greatful to my Nan and some friends for always being there for me through the tough times...and always asking me R U OK?!

Please always remember there IS someone out there who loves/cares about you & doesn't want to see you upset or god forbit take your life.

R U OK? Website:
Amanda <3

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