Friday, September 28, 2012

perceptions: Death to a Toddler.

Hello everyone, There has been a sad little toddler in our home for a few days now :( unfortunately little Memo [the fish] passed away a few nights ago. I really didn't know how to tell/explain it to our little girl. How exactly do you explain death to a child? especially if you and your partner don't believe in god?. As you may rember last year I lost my dear Nan. Hailee talks about & to her in the sky totally adorable. We sat Hailee down and told her that Memo was sick (which she already knew) & that sometimes when people & pets are sick we can't always help them & they need to go live in the sky to watch over us. Steve finished off my saying "It's ok Nanny Dennison has a pet now" I couldn't help it...I giggled a little. I'm wondering if this is how YOU would explain death of a person/pet to your kids? What would you do differently?. Amanda <3

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