Saturday, October 27, 2012

busy week!

Hey Everyone, This weeks been a busy one! First I had an appointment with my Urologist on Wednesday afternoon. He has sent me off to get a CT scan of my Kidneys & Bladder. Those damn kidney stones have been giving me hell for the past few months!! I've had said stones in for 3.5 years now, they hasn't grown much so nothing was done. But I've been getting a lot of UTI's and my SPC [will explain in next post] has been changed more frequently Grr... Thursday was World Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalous Awareness Day!! In the afternoon we had dance lessons! Friday the community nurses came to change my bandage on my left foot. I have had a wound on my heal for almost 2 years now. It's great now because its very close to healing. Can I get a "hallalulia!!!!" [more about it later] Saturday [today!] we went to a local fair/show. It was SO much fun!! Even Hailee went on one of the rides, the Feriss Wheel!! If you know her she HATES anything like that! We go her a show bag [Dora of course] and we got Daddy one too! hehe. I shall put some photos up tomorrow! I won myself one of those "over the top-huge" plush animals, Giraffe. I am totally in love with him [whom has no name]. Well that's my week! How was yours? I have an appointment on Tursday for CT so will let you know how that goes! Amanda <3 Oh yah almost forgot...we have some pretty exciting news about miss Hailee. Will let you in on it next week ;)

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