Thursday, February 7, 2013

time flies..

the saying "time fly's when you're having fun" is so true. especially for us this week. Our big girl has just completed her second day of Kindergarden/Pre Primary or what ever you may call it. I honestly can't believe this the has finally come! Where did the last 4 years of my life, my tiny babies life go? I don't want to blink to fast because before I know it age will be starting High school [wow! That sent shivers down my spine]. Her first day was a blur for both her and I, we were so tired. But today as soon as she got off the bus [yep she goes on the "big girl bus" on her own] she immediately started chatting my ear off about all the things she got up to today, she even told me who her new friends where. I wanted to cry!! Well good night my friends we shall speak again soon [i may even upload a few pics] ;) Amanda <3. P.S My wound on the bottom of my left foot has FINALLY healed!! [party time?!] nurses are really happy with my progress which makes me very happy. It means I can finally be fitted for proper bandages/wrapping garment. Once I have the appointment I will be taking photo's.

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