Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Memoirs #2

Hello Everyone.

(need to edit with things that happen between ages 13-15)

In Jan 2003, just before my 16th birthday. I went into the hospital here in Tassie to have surgery on my bowel. But unfortunately the operation had to be reversed due to me almost dying from Peritonitis... []

That was one of the worst experiences of my life! I remember as a teenager a doctor told me I would never be able to live indipendantly or even have children. At that time I didn't even really care because I'd never had a boyfriend. As I grew up and my friends started dating I used to lay in bed and imagine if my life was different (not born with SB) would I be dating?, would I be able to move out of home? get married? travel the world? settle down and have a family of my own?.

Ahh it's incredible what the mind can dream up huh.

(read on to Memoirs #3 to find out what happens next in my life....)

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