Saturday, September 24, 2011

The antics of a 2.5yr old...

"what's wrong (insert name)"
"look at me I'm doing (insert activity)"
"no thank you"
"oh no this toy/person has gone"
"what on earth was that?"
"1-2-3-4-5, ready or not, I fineded you"

"what you doing?"
"come on (insert name) let's go outside"
"ry-nos-rus" -rinosarus
"hip-potn-ormous" - hippopotamus
"what you drawing there (insert name)?"
[on phone]"hello, speaking Hailee, yes, thank you, ok, bye-bye"

"don't be silly"
[making noises]" oh I scared/scary"
"shh mum be quiet I'm reading"
"wake up- I love u"
"ring Grandpa?!"  - ends up calling some random Lol
"that's great drawing mum"

"no way"
"king of castle, I a rascal"
"oops daisy fall down"
"humpety dumpety" - humpdy dumpdy
"next one"
"good girl Hay-yee"

Me:what's your name? "Hay-yee Nole Rik-tah"
"what yeah gunna do?"
"I'm/we're back"
"what's that sound?"
"Love my boyfiend Cody"

My cheeky lil' Monkey...

Ha! I know I've been so slack on this writing thing but I'm sure those of you who have a toddler realize just how busy they keep you and how much "me time" you DON'T get. Well we are now coming up to her 3rd birthday :( and I promise this time I will upload pics from her last birthday and this one :P

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